13 July 2011

Well sorry for the late letter home. We went to capital to do some paper work for my new companion so that took all day because it´s crazzzyy down there. It was awesome seeing capital. The European influence and vibe is definitely felt down town and in all of the country. So after spending a whole P-day we got back right at 6 and went out to work. I´ll save what happened for the next letter home to keep you guys in the anticipation jaja.

Basically we had a really good week. According to the missionaries here before and the whole scene of the area, it is a hard place to work. There is commercial areas, rich areas and the poor area. The area has been down for about two years so everyone is in the mind set that they cannot progress and the missionary work is being done but with all the effort nothing really comes to pass. I see so much potential here we just have to be diligent and do work. This last week we found so many new people, so after starting from 0.. we have a pool of investigators and we will continute to find new people. I have such a craving right now to talk with everyone and to work! It is an awesome feeling. So basically this week will be the week to see the hard work pay off and to see those who will progress and those who unfortunantly will not.

We ran into this one drug addict that lived in San Diego. He had a Hunington Beach shirt and right now is pretty messed up. He told us we came to him at the right time. I want to help him so badly but we still have to be careful because Drugs are gnarly and you never know what can happen. Also with the Family Guerrero, the boyfriend went to New York so it´s so funny to see him with a Yankees hat and gear from the United States. It´s also pretty weird to see a house with an Xbox 360 and Iphones. It´s rare to run into a family like that because usually the wealthy people are the hardest to let us in but he is soo rad and has so much desire to really know if the church is true. His wife is inactive right now but she still has a strong testimony and wants to return back. We are working with them to come to church, take the steps to baptism and to be sealed in the temple when it opens! I have faith everything will work out but Ójo, satan will do whatever it takes so we will just have to out do him because we got Heavenly Father on our side. It´s nice to have him on our side, everything works out. Pablo really is interested how the Church is based on the Family and also how the Catholic church is pretty corrupt. He´s a Psycologist so he understands things really well. I really hope them come to church this week. They said they will! On the way back from a lesson in their house. He took us home in his 2010 Golf and it was super nice. He is a big fan of Hip Hop and he gave me a CD and told me to pick what I liked because I mentioned I like Hip Hop. I recommended A Tribe Called Quest for him so he listed to that on the way back to the house after dropping us off.

It´s been weird to be involved so much in American stuff lately and running into people with connections to the states. Its weiiirrdd.

But the week went great, we worked hard and its stressful training but you lead by example and be obedient! The Mission is awesome and something funny is that I ran into the brother of Sis. Minor. He is serving in the South Mission.

Love you guys, thank you for the pictures and the birthday package!

A few questions. What is my background? I get a lot of questions if I am Brazilian or from Argentina.

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