28 March 2011

Hey thanks for the new pictures? I haven´t seen you guys for one year and McKenna is getting so much older?

Well we had a great week here in 9 de Julio. The best news would be that we had two baptisms. Roman and Yoanna! The two have great stories. Roman has been an investigator for a while that was found through an inactive family. The last couple of weeks we have been working with him and he wanted to be baptized two weeks ago. The last couple of times it didn´t work out because he was sick or went out of town.. we found out why because he was scared of the water ha. So we explained everything perfectly to him and he was baptized this weekend along with Joanna. Joanna was going to be baptized over 2 years ago but something happened but ahora she is baptized and a member of the church. I have found lately how you really have to rely on the Spirit to know the people better and to help them. The only way you can really help people is through the Holy Ghost because the feelings are from our Heavenly Father.

This friday we had a dance for the branch. It was great! As a missionary you can´t do anything so I was supervising how everything was going and from what I saw, everyone enjoyed it! I´ll send some pictures over too! We had a meeting yesterday and I found out that the kids here never have had Mutual. So we are planning to have mutual every two weeks now for the Rama. The kids are stoked and I´m looking forward to start it out for them. I´m glad I had great liders and fun times in mutual so I´ll def be looking back on my personal experiences to have great mutuales here in 9 de Julio. It´s crazy to think I am in charge of the jovenes here. I always say to myself. wow you are only 20.. you´re still a kid hah.

We are excited for this week to come. We have been blessed with a lot of people to teach lately. We usually find people through people and now it´s time to keep moving forward and giving them the oportunity to experience the gospel!

Love you guys!

I have some requests too!
I need mas SD cards
I really like those litle clogne smaples, so collect as much as you can and send it in every package hah
I actually would like a CTR ring.

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