09 March 2011

I´m able to email now!

So yeah I am now here in 9 de Julio in the Campo of the mission field. First off bad news because this keyboard is horrible so I dont have much patience in writing right now hah. But yeah it´s beautiful here and I have already visited here for a weekend so I pretty much know everyone here. It´s crazy to think 3 months have passed by so fast! Now I am one day away from hitting one year!! Last year at this time I was driving up to Utah to head off to the MTC. It passes by so fast and I´m scared to know how fast it will pass by in the future. I have no time!!

The members here are really cool and we are in a Branch so there are about 60 active members with 45 in assistance for average. I´m the first conselor and supposivly I am in charge of the young men here haha. We only have two young men soo we´ll see how it goes hah. It is weird to work on the church side instead of being a missionary 24/7. We are still working hard as missionaries though and we had a baptism this weekend! Gonzalo and his father were baptized and we have about 4 - 6 baptisms coming up within two months here in the area. Everyone says that the areas in campo are hard but when you dont think that way and work hard you really do see miracles. We have an investigator named Javier that is 15 years old and smokes so he wants to quit to get baptized.. so we use this technique where we make tea out of ciggaretes. Usually the person feels horrible after drinking it and the body rejects the ciggaretes if the person wants to smoke. So we will see how this goes! He told us he feels horrible hah so It´s working.. so there are a lot of people here in the area that are ready to be baptized. I can´t wait to work hard here and see the fruits. When you put your trust in Heavly Father things just work out. I dont know how they do but everything works out when we have our priorities straight and do the things the right way.

Love you guys and thanks for all the half way mark congrats!! I´ll send pictures next week because the compu USB drives aren´t working hah. But next time!!!

Elder Shepherd!

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