14 March 2011

Hello everyone

So we had a great week here in 9 de Julio and ended it off with a baptism! Leandro was baptized this Sunday and confirmed a member of the church! It´s a crazy story because we woke up at 3 am to fill up the font for him and we held the baptism at 8:30 then church started and after that we had meetings until 8 in the night and then we visited a investigator who has her own radio station. It was a really busy sunday! I am super tired too! I heard about the earthquake in Japan.. its all over the news here because it changed the climate from blazzing hot to a super freezing rainy windy day here in 9 de Julio. It affected Argetina badly too with the weather. Floods etc in Capital but not as bad as it sounds. I´m glad that Riley is safe in Japan. Must of been crazy. I dont have much time to email today we have something to do at the church right now so I want to let you guys know everything is great here in 9 de Julio. My thing to send photos broke so I have to buy a new one this weekend. Hopeully I´ll be able to send some thursday or no.. next week!

I need new photos! Can you guys send photos of the family, me in newport or stuff like that to show my members here and investigators. You can attach the file here in the email and send them to the email. It would be easier because I can just download them and print them off here!


Love you guys

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