21 March 2011

1. Did you get your hump day package? I´ll be getting it on Wednesday
2. Did you those michael jordan b-ball shorts? Yep
3. What is the address of your apartment? (I want to google it) I don´t remember but next week I´ll let you know
4. How many elders are in your apartment? Just us 2
4. Do you have laundry facilities? I wash by hand hah
6. Where do you shop for food? At a grocery store
7. What are you doing for p-day today.. I want to sleep!
8. How is it going being a branch leader? It´s good. I directed sacrament meeting yesterday and gave a talk. It´s going smooth!

Well another week down here in Argentina. The weather is starting to warm up so I´m happy hah. I think I have adjusted to the weather here because when it droped down to 22º I was freezing! I think this winter will be a really cold winter for me here in Argetina. I don´t want the heat to go away haha. Sounds like everything is normal back home. Here in the mission the time is flying by really fast. After hitting a year time really does start to pass by. In the branch right now, being the YM leader, I´m looking forward to planning some activies. The youth told me they don´t do anything so I want to change that hah. Actually this Friday we have a Capilla Abierta and we are having a branch dance. We will see how it goes hah. But yeah here in 9 de Julio, everything is going good. The work is picking up and we have a good pool of investigators to teach. We found a woman from Paraguay who asked us right when we talked to her.. ¨ Do I need to be baptized si o si in your church when I go¨ hah hah a little upfront but we told her the process of finding out for yourself. She has some relation with the church because her uncle was baptized over in Paraguay. We have about 4 baptisms planned for the rest of the tranfer. Our goal is one baptism every week here in 9 de Julio so far we are hitting the mark besides this weekend but we had it rescheduled for the following saturday due to a kid named Roman being sick. So the work is going a ful out here. Our zone is at the top in the mission right now which is a surprise because everyone says Campo is a hard area to work in. We are working hard out here and for the 3 week straight our zone has been at the top! It´s crazy.. the zone out here has never been like this before since I have been here but we seriously have some studs out here in the zone.

The best way to work out here is through the members. It´s hard doing contacts on a bicycle because it would be a sketchy for 2 guys in a white shirt and tie to approach you from a distance and stop right in front of you haha. But we have found a different way to work out here and it is working! we are having success. It´s awesome working in the branch. I get to see the back side of the church and all the doctrine and business of how to run and do tithing etc etc. Hold meetings and interviews etc. It´s a great learning experience. I´m pretty stoked too because I gave a talk for 20 minutes without any notes. Shows how much the Lord blesses you on the mission with the gift of toungues!

BYU is in the sweet 16??!?! what thats crazy hah. Never would I have thought that.. Hope they make a good run in the NCAA.

Thanks for all the support and love back home. I love you guys. Out here in Campo we don´t get mail every week so I´m hoping for some good mail this wednesday when we have interviews as a zone! hah.

Love you guys,
Les Amo

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