04 April 2011

Hey everyone! How great was conference right? Well I´m here at the cyber writing to you guys and like always my mind goes blank on what to do!? Well first I´ll inform you guys on how the work is going. Well this week hasn´t been the best week ever but we have found people that want to hear the gospel. We have about 4 strong investigators right now but within the 4 there are family members and friends. So we are focusing ourselves on these 4 people this week to have a baptism this weekend! In the zone right now we are about to break the record.. it´s pretty amazing for our zone because everyone says that ¨El Campo¨is an area with few baptisms... well we proved them wrong! I´m excited to work this week because it is the last week of the transfer.

Well this week I was thinking how blessed I am and how I need to work harder to help people know this gospel. During the mission you always do your little self evaluations and this week was one of them. While coming home from a inactive members house( we ride bikes) it felt like a flash back of Balboa Island. The tempurature, humidity, the style of houses are all the same so I was getting so homesick hah. Not homesick but like... wow I feel like I´m at home. But I was realizing how my life has been blessed. It´s the best feeling to see the lives of others change too. Especially when it comes to the Gospel. It´s the best thing we have. It really is the truth. I wouldn´t be doing this for 2 years going through the hard times without knowing for certain that the church is true. I love the mission! Thank you for all your prayers and support.

Love you guys!

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