25 April 2011

this keyboard is broken so there is no shift button

We had a great week! all I can think about right now is our investigators haha. there is one that is 11 years old just like mckenna and she reminds me so much of her. i miss my little sis! we have a baptism coming up this weekend . besides that we are just working hard and doing our thing out here in the mission. this sunday we had one of the best reunions. we did the bishop lish technique of calling people out of the congregation for their testimony and favorite scriture. haha i laughed because i remember when I had to do that too. family jaurez made it back from chile. they have a light around them and wow it is amazing to see a family sealed.

well thats about it. this keyboard is horrible so i dont have the desire to write much more hah.

love you guys1

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