14 February 2011

Well I dont have much to say this week but we are working hard here in Mariano Acosta. We had the opprotunity to have the asistents here working with us for a couple of days. Elder Aquirre and Elder Palacios from Chile came and we did division. Elder Aquirre served here in Mariano Acosta 2 years ago and also in Villa Celina. We joke around that I am following him in the areas that he has served in. So it was great working with the Asistentes for a little but then we got back to work. This sunday wasn´t so great. We only have 2 people come to church. We went out early to look for our investigators. It rained the night before so usually when it rains everyone wants to stay inside. It wasn´t fun going out in the streets of dirt looking for people. My suit got pretty muddy on the pants.. but the family we went to look for( a family of 8 ) weren´t home to. We had an amazing lesson with the and watched the Restoration with the whole family. They were all excited to come to church but there is always that has to come inbetween. Satanas! So this week was a little down but we are excited to go into this week with our strongest investigators getting ready to be baptized. I can´t wait to see them and help them progress in the Gospel. We finally had one of our investigators come to church. A 12 year old boy that is in a part member family. We activated the family a little over a month ago and he ¨wanted¨to come but always wants to play futbol. We got to church, looked around and saw a couple of investigators and I said to my companion. ¨where is thomas?¨ I keep looking around then 5 minutes later I spotted him with one of his next door neighboors who is a member. I was stoked!

So the week was alright, always ways to improve and to be better. I can´t belive I am almost hitting one year in the mission. It´s crazy to think too that Elder Brooks goes home in 13 days! Crazy. Hope everything is going fine at home, thank you for your prayers, I always feel the love from home. Flia Diaz is taking good care of me! They are my family here in Argentina!

Love you guys,
Elder Shepherd

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