11 May 2010

First Week in Argentina Buenos Aires West Mission

Como estan? (this keyboard is "Spanishized"!)

I am here in Argentina and wow, what can I say?... that it is pretty crazy. I can´t even explain it.  Right now I am at a small internet cafe for 10 minutes to let you guys know I am safe and sound.  I've already had 2 contacts and they were pretty nice, but like most people don't want to hear "el evangelio pero esta bien".  Rejected on the first try (haha), not so lucky this time. Wow! Argentina is amazing.  I can´t believe I am here. I'm in the same zone as Elder Gneiting and President Benton said Reese is one of the finest missionaries he has seen and that he has high expectations for me.  Hopefully I will see a lot of Elder Gneiting.  President and Sister Benton are truly awesome people and they are super tight and loving.  It's amazing how much he loves you and it is only the first day.  Be grateful for everything you have in Las Vegas and in America. I´ve already seen some pretty rough areas that look worse than downtown Vegas and east LA.  It's pretty sad but that is why I am here, right? To change lives. Tonight we are meeting the Obispo (Bishop) and the Relief Society president and some members.  I give my first leccion tonight too. It's so crazy... I am surrounded by espanol hah.  I love how the keyboard has the proper espanol punctuation.   I'm at a loss for words.  It's real now.  I can´t believe I am here but I feel comfortable here too, even if it is a rough area.  I'll be honest I am super scared.  I saw a fire in the middle of the road, just like Reese.  My companion Elder LaTorre, a native Chilean.  He's awesome and super nice and speaks really fast hah.  I haven't showered for 2 days since the plan trip but I´m still on the go.  Wow this first day has been the craziest day ever.  I dont know what to say! I'll have more stories to tell next week, but it is true that there are dogs running around, the people seem really nice, and I love it. Very friendly people, even the lady at the internet cafe here at New Net hah. We'll see how everything goes. I bore my testimony today in Argentina for the first time to a mom and her two kids walking down the street.  It actually came out of my mouth!  It's crazy but I´m scared and worried and pretty much a roller coaster of emotions that I'm here now. I'm just so thankful for everything I have ever had in my life. This is seriously a wake up call!  Doesn't matter where you are in the world, the people are the ones who make it and that is why Argentina is amazing so far.  That's it for now. I just have been in our zone for 3 hours. Everything is going hah, that's all I can say for now. I am really here. It isn't a dream anymore. Again, appreciate everything you have back home. We are truly blessed, blessed, blessed. Maybe next time I can send some pictures but for now I have to run to a member's house who works at a bank and exchanges money, then contact some more. It´s real now, real people and only two years to do work. Even though it feels like I've been going forever today, I can´t imagine what a real full day feels like, but I'll find out soon!  I´m just so glad I am living and have good health and a loving family and friends. 

I love you all soo much and I will talk to you next week on Pday

Love your son,
Elder Shepherd

My Pdays are Monday. The best way to mail is through dearelder.com or to the mission home address in Buenos Aires.  I forgot the address but I will verify next week. It´s not the Salt Lake one. It is the one in Buenos Aires.

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